The Case That Changed
the Face of Human Rights

Georgetown University Press
 Washington, D.C.

Illustrations by Dr. Filartiga

Dr. Joel Filartiga’s a world-renowned artist. His works have been exhibited in North and South America as well as Europe. He spoke out after Joelito’s death and continues to speak out today as president of the Organization for the Defense of Campesino and Indigenous Human Rights in Paraguay.


Peasant Woman”, the frontispiece from Breaking Silence.

Chapter One: “Guarani Indian”, from a publicity leaflet used in Dr.Filartiga's 1976 Southern California tour.

Chapter Two: The night of “Joelito's murder,” the police forced Dolly
to carry her brother's tortured corpse to their house
 on a bloodstained mattress.”

Chapter Three: No Paraguayan newspaper dared publish this drawing of “General Stroessner's hand in the Caso Filartiga.”

 Chapter Four: An OPM poster, with the guerrillas’ “Victory or Death” motto.


Chapter Five: This enigmatic “Devil
Drawing”, by Joelito’s  fifteen-year-old sister, Analy, captivated the public.

Chapter Six: “Inspector Peña and another
torturer whipping Joelito.”

Chapter Seven: “Black-and-white perception
of Paraguayan reality.”

Chapter Eight: “The Agony of Oppression
in Paraguay. ”

Chapter Nine: “Joelito's Decision.”

Chapter Ten: “Dr. Filartiga’s images
of his son.”

Chapter Eleven: “Filartiga self-portrait,” on a Clinic of Hope prescription pad.

Chapter Twelve: “The wounded healers.” This couple represents Joel and Nidia Filartiga trying to comfort each other.

Epilogue: “Like the archer's arrow.” The impact of the Caso Filartiga
is shot into the future.



# 15  “An Angel Watches over Dolly

# 16 “Freedom Unchained.”

#17 “A Mother Comforts her
Frightened Child

#18 “A Family Crucified.”

#19 “Joelito Sacrificed to the
Political Machine.”

#20 “Nidia Filartiga as a Madonna.”



#21 “The Eyes of Freedom”


# 22 “The Price of Peace”

# 23 “Portrait of Bette Davis”

#24 “Overburdened Peasant”

#25 “Torch of Freedom.”

#26 “Turn the Other Cheek.”