The Case That Changed
the Face of Human Rights

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Human Rights Organizations and the
Alien Tort Claims Act Controversy:

The information from the coalition to save the Alien Tort Claims Act  from the attacks of the Bush Administration. Information concerning the Sosa v. Alvarez Machain test case now before the Supreme Court. No Safe Haven:

EarthRights International’s Defend the Alien Tort Claims Act Campaign:   

 Join the No Torture for Profit Campaign and tell President Bush that you want human rights protected.

The San Francisco based Center for Justice and Accountability is the leading center in the United States helping survivors to locate and file suits against their persecutors.  Click here for more information. In a dramatic victory, on 4 September 2004, CJA won a $10 million judgement against former Salvadoran death squad organizer Alvaro Saravia for the 1980 assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero. For more information go to

The New York based Center for Constitutional Rights continues to actively represent clients in ATCA suits. Click here for more information.

More Organizations

Media Information on the Alien Tort Claims Act


Alien Tort Claims Act, transcript from the Bill Moyers PBS Program NOW, broadcast on Jan 09, 2004Click here. To read background information on the Filartiga case from PBS, Click Here.

THE ALIEN TORT STATUTE: An Emerging Threat to National Security? Click here.

ALTERNATIVE JUSTICE: Victims of War Crimes Sue Perpetrators in U.S.Courts. Click here.


FILARTIGA AND ITS PROGENY, PBS, background Click here.

NEWSDAY, "No Surrender: Justice for Joelito"  Newsday, p.2 March 29, 2004. Click here to read.

NY Times OP ED: "American Courts, Global Justice", by Dolly Filártiga. Click here

NY TIMES Editorial: "The Supreme Court should affirm the Alien Tort Claims Act", which provides victims of American misconduct abroad a right to be heard.  Click here.

NY TIMES PAID OP Ed: "Big Business Attacks ATCA in New York. Click here.

NY Times OP Ed: "The Court of Last Resort", Senator Arlen Specter, Aug. 7, 2003. Click here.

A SISTER REMEMBERS,  from the Washington Post, Apr. 22, 2004 Click here. 


Index of Human Rights Documents

ALIEN CLAIMS TORT ACT  of USA. Recently, American courts have begun adjudicating civil liability for human rights violations (especially torture) committed in another country, under the Alien Tort Claims Act (28 U.S.C. §1350) and the Torture Victim Prevention Act (28 U.S.C. §1350). Click here.  

UNIVERSAL JURISDICTION, Filártiga v.Pena court documents. Click here.