The Case That Changed
the Face of Human Rights

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The Torture Death of Joelito Filártiga

Joelito Filártiga was tortured to death in Paraguay in 1976. He was one of many.

The right side of Joelito's body, which  was returned to his parents, shows the agony
he suffered.



Filártiga Family Photos


Dolly and Joelito in 1976


Joelito with Medina, a family friend, in
happier times.

Joel and Nidia Filártiga
at the Clinic of Hope,

Joelito's Mother, Nidia,1976


Dr. and Mrs. Filártiga, with RichardWhite at a meal, after the death of Joelito, 1976.


Dr. Filártiga recieves the gift of a cardioscope from UCLA, 1976.

First patient to benefit from
the Cardioscope, 1976.


Other Patients at the
Sanitorio la Esperanza.



Dr. Joel Filártiga,1976


Richard Alan White,1976

The Filártiga Family in 1990

Dr. Filartiga operates on a wounded patient.

Dr. Filártiga, seated, with Anthony Hopkins, and cast members who played, and his wife and daughter Dolly, in the HBO film
One Man's War.

The Clinic of Hope and the Joelito Filártiga Elementary School are both funded by donations from people interested in supporting human rights.


Richard Alan White, today.


Dr. Joel Filártiga, today.